We are document management specialists who provide document management solutions for private and public organisations.
Business records management is growing exponentially with millions of new paper documents and electronic records being created everyday – all of which must be managed with the following in mind:

• Legal Exposure

• Privacy & Security

• Disaster Recovery

• Online Backup

• Access to information

• Space Restrictions

Nigsearch.com ‘s range of outsourced services and solutions address the challenges of Records & Document Management helping businesses control costs, reduce risks, improve access and protect information.

Nigsearch.com expertise and unmatched resources can provide Records & Management solutions for all types of media and formats, including paper, tape, film and digital to many companies.

Records & document tells the story of a business and carry operational/financial/legal value. They represent risks, costs and management challenges in addition to rising amount of storage.

The organisation of a document management solution for physical and electronic documents with high retrieval rates is a big business challenge and cost is as an important driver.

Have the documents you need when you need them

Nigsearch has the expertise to securely store and provide access to active documents anytime from anywhere in a cost-effective way. As a trusted partner, we understand that customer workflows and requirements for specific document types are keys to helping organisations manage their active documents.

We help you evaluate your current document management environment and related costs, assess your needs and develop a managed solution that supports your goals.

The Nigsearch Document Management Solutions:

• Ensures you flexible management of active documents while always maintaining the highest security levels

• Effectively manages the total cost of storage and retrieval

• Enables fast, distributed and simultaneous access to documents

• Ensures an unbroken chain of custody and single accountability through one preferred vendor

• Keeps you in complete control of your documents at any time

All customers have unique requirements, preferences and cost allocation, so we Endeavour to provide for the needs of each customer with operational quality in mind.

Our service is customer driven by you so guaranteeing the best solution at the best price!!!


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